More Than A Dame Can Handle

There is a saying about God and how he doesn’t ever give us anything we can’t handle.

If anyone ever tells you that – don’t believe them.

Just ask Kristen of We are That Family. Life isn’t fair. Whether things happen for a reason or not, won’t stop them from becoming over bearing. ┬áJust like the girls at Mercy House in Kenya that Kristen helps and supports, no one ever asks for their circumstances.

We can only rise above them.

Even if it means stepping out of the picture perfect world we dream of having into a more rigid and pain filled reality.

Last night my seven-year-old stomped up the stairs for bed time exclaiming “Not fair!” to which I replied, “It’s not supposed to be.” And she argued, “Yes, it is!”

How I wish I had a pair of goggles that I could put on and bask in this child-like view of life once more.

We were all to trusting at that age, all too eager to please, and all too un-destructible (or so we thought we were).

We were taught to say ‘no’ and forced to take life slow.

But now, we can’t help ourselves. We’re busy. Too busy. We have cellphones that talk or alarms to keep us going from one thing to the next. Our world encouraged to do more in the time we have and so we say yes.

Our plates become full.

Our time becomes less.

We just keep saying yes.

Then there comes a time when we are overwhelmed stressed, and stretched to beyond our limit.

God didn’t do it. We simply stopped saying ‘no’ and keep saying ‘yes’.

I don’t know about you, but my plate has become full and its about to topple over.

It never ceases I know.

Sometimes we just have to learn to say ‘no’.

Sometimes we need a helping hand.

And sometimes we have to just ask.

Finish this sentence in the comments and share:

If there were one thing someone could do to help me today, it would be__________________.