35 Acre Horse Farm Essay Contest

A friend sent this to me on face book as it made her immediately think of me.

It’s an essay contest where you pay $200 to submit a 1,000 word essay and the prize is a 35 acre Virginia horse farm. It has a 5 stall barn and a cottage.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was tempted to enter. I’ve written the essay about a hundred times in my head.

Each time, it starts like this:

“There’s a saddle that sits in the corner of my living room….”

$200 is two weeks of groceries for us.

Entries are being accepted up until October 1, 2015. They’re hoping for 5,000 entries.

At 200 x 5,000 that’s $1m. I’d say that pays for the farm.

Winning is like pulling a needle from a haystack. Even if my essay would get selected, then the farm still isn’t free and still cost more than $200 entry fee. Thanks to the government, you still have to pay taxes on the value of the farm. I’m guessing those taxes probably exceed the value of our house.

But a loan for the fraction of having a farm like that… is it worth it? Is it worth pouring one’s heart out into words on a paper and hoping beyond all hope to win? Is $200 worth playing the farm lottery?

Because that’s basically what it is, a gamble.

Check out the contest for yourself.

What are your thoughts?