Fall Wedding: Farm Style

We traveled to Connecticut, the state where my husband spend many of his childhood years. We left on a Friday morning and arrived that evening.

We spent a delightful Saturday morning building fire trucks at a local Lowes Build and Grow. Then my hubby took us down memory lane and showed the kids the house he lived in, the school he attended, and even the ice rink where he broke his hand because he was dumb and punched the outside brick wall. (yeah, I know – the things boys do.)

Then we changed into our party clothes and climbed aboard a school bus. 

chad and suzy


I hadn’t rode on one of those since I was in High School, but instead of heading to school — we were transported to a small beef farm where my brother-in-law was getting married.

beef cows



Even the beef cows were in attendance. During the ceremony, these cows had a few things to say as well. I hope someone videoed it for later, as I’m sure in years to come the “mooing” during the couple’s vows will be trigger smiles and giggles as it did when it was happening.

wedding on the farm

All the bridesmaids were lovely and held a rich assortment of bright fall boutiques wearing their cowboy boots.

All the guest were encouraged to wear their cowboy boots. Dancing took place on the cement pad in front of the barn, and the bar area in the equipment pavilion.

Loved it, but sad I didn’t have any cowboy boots. Mine have gone MIA after all these years from the tack cupboard. I suppose I know what to put on my Christmas list this year.

In any event, farms are definitely a place for weddings. And fall is definitely a great time of year to get married.

TMkissWelcome to the family M.




To Give A Dame A Piece of Cake

Sometimes when life speeds up around you it’s hard to slow down and take time for yourself.

September has been a prime example of that for me. I look forward to the autumn. It signals a time of slowing down. A time when the kids are back in school and life seems to “settle.”

But this September, life didn’t settle like it usually does. It twisted and turned and at one point turned me upside down. That was the day when I drove across the state so I could sit in a hospital waiting room while my dad was having surgery.

It was the day I stepped into a recovery room and saw my dad, not as the invincible dad of my childhood, but a man who could be hurt.

To some of us, I guess you could say that farmers are super heroes, too.

It takes stamina and dedication to start your day at 4 am and sometimes not end your day until after everyone else has gone to bed.

A farmer always watches over his herd and his family. He provides food for on the table, tends to his sick cows, and mends broken fences.

There are no days off.

There are no vacations.

A farmer’s work is never done and for that I’m grateful. My dad has gone from that recovery room, to a hospital room, and returned back home in September. Slowly, he is gaining his strength back and healing. Soon I know he will be back to checking on things in the barn.

It doesn’t feel like it is happening soon enough. Perhaps that is because the fast pace of life is starting to take it’s lull. It just took a few extra weeks of being October for it to happen.

And even though schedules are slowing down, routines are falling back into place, and Dad is healing. I am happy to wait, and watch, and even wonder if the invincible don’t sometimes need extra time to recharge their super powers.

In my family, we like to celebrate things by eating cake.

When my oldest child was around four years old, she was a handful. We used to celebrate her being a good listener and having a good week by baking a cake every Sunday. She got to choose the cake flavor and icing. She would help bake it and decorate it, then we’d have it after supper that evening.

Other than birthdays, we don’t have cake very often. ¬†Then I saw a new cake mix at the local grocery store – orange and chocolate velvet. Beside it was a maple and bacon icing.

When my kids saw the cake they wanted to know whose birthday we were celebrating. Then I explained: It’s no one’s birthday. Sometimes we just need to take a moment out of our hectic and the unexpected events in our lives and celebrate the small things.

So we did.


And so to you my friends, I say, “Let there be cake.”

It is so easy to become wrapped up in the drama of life that we miss the small things happening around us at the same time. Those small things are what turns the upside down days right side up again.

Cherish them. Celebrate them.

Bake a cake and invite friends and family over for a piece, because the little slice of life we are given deserves to be savored and shared.