Why Dames Don’t Let Their Men Drive Motorcycles Unprotected

Yesterday I celebrated my 15 year wedding anniversary.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been a long road to get this far and I know the road will keep going, but not without it’s pot holes and crossroads. That’s just life.

But I will admit that last week I received a phone call that stopped my heart and made me fear that road had come to a end.

It’s the call we Dames all dread when we’re married to someone who drives a motorcycle.

It doesn’t matter that my husband has been driving a motorcycle for over 15 years.

It doesn’t matter that the motorcycle he was riding has been in our family for 12 years and his family for even longer than that.

It doesn’t even matter that for the past decade my husband has been a motorcycle safety instructor.

What matters is that every time he walks out the door to get on his motorcycle he is suited from head to toe in gear. That as he goes out the door I remind him, “Be safe” because every time I hear that motorcycle rev up in our driveway that I say a little prayer.

Sadly, it’s not him I so much worry about, then those driving other vehicles that pay no attention to motorcyclist.

Tis the season.






My husband is like a duck. Everything seems to roll off his back.

But when he called and asked me to pick him up in front the local Burger King, I initially thought the motorbike had broken down as it had two months before, but when I asked if he was okay and he replied, “I’m a little sore.” My heart stopped and my head told me he wasn’t broke down.

The young gentlemen leaving college that evening says he never saw my husband coming down the road, so he turned in front of him.

I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but when your motorcycle safety conscious husband is wearing bright yellow pants and a yellow reflective vest over his motorcycle jacket, it’s hard to believe the driver didn’t see him.

I have often teased my husband because of those bright yellow pants and listen to others make remarks about how my husband is the dude with the yellow pants.

According to the ER doctor it was those yellow pants that kept him from having a broken leg and possibly broken hip.

It was his motorcycle gear, covering him head to foot, that prevented him from road rash and another further damages to his body.

I feel so blessed that when I arrived at the accident scene my husband was able to walk away from the accident.

Not all motorcycle accidents have happy endings.

While my husband is not totally without injury, it could have been a lot worse.

Not all motorcyclist have enough common sense to wear helmets let alone proper gear to protect themselves.

It’s hot. I get that.

It’s your life. You got that?

My husband says I’m a nag. He’s probably right.

Don’t ever be afraid to make speak up and make the person you love gear up before they step onto that Motorcycle. Even a helmet is better protection then none at all.


Published by

Susan Lower

Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

One thought on “Why Dames Don’t Let Their Men Drive Motorcycles Unprotected”

  1. Brittany, a person who’s story didn’t end as happily as this one (http://rockthegear.org/) said: I didn’t wear all of my gear because no one had ever shaken me by the shoulders and told me this:

    “If you don’t wear your gear, you will rip off all of your skin. It will hurt like hell for a long time… pain you cannot even imagine. You will rack up over half a million dollars worth of medical bills. You will put your family through the worst experience of their entire lives. Your amazing father, your daddy, will have to leave the hospital room on several occasions because of your screams in pain. Your husband will never come to visit you in the hospital, nor will he call or write to see how you are doing. You will know what it is like to be truly alone for the first time in your life. Your parents will be forced to miss work, lose sleep, drive to the hospital, and fear for your life every day for nearly 2 months. The financial burden on yourself and your family for the next several years will be large. You will lose your job. You will lose your ability to join the military and serve your country. You will lose the ability to walk and move on your own. You will never have beautiful skin again. You will lose all of your beautiful hair. You will spend your mother’s birthday in a hospital gown and a wheelchair. The emotional stress from this accident will affect you until the day you die. You will lose full motion in your knees for the rest of your life and they will be in constant pain. People will stare at you in the gym, in restaurants… hell, people will stare at you everywhere. You will never be fully free of the consequences of this decision. And all of this is what you are choosing when you choose not to wear gear.”

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