Washing Milk Claws

milk claws

Found these beauties in the top of the barn. Stored for a rainy day – or should they be needed. An auction find that got put aside in the box. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve been tucked away for a few years now. Yeah, that long.

They’ve obviously haven’t been very useful in the box.

There are three sets. Universal milk claws with shells and a few inflations. These are the older model, and I think the better ones. They have glass milk chambers marking them antique.

Today the milk chambers are plastic.

However, before anything, these pieces of milk equipment need a good washing.

So, I brought them home and headed for the sink.

washing milk clawsMy first thought was to go ahead and toss them in the dish washer. They’re stainless steel and glass, so they’d be dishwasher safe, right?

I’m one of those people who lean to the cautious side. So I hand washed them.

milker shellsI used a little Dawn dish liquid and hot water. Bye, bye grime.

Seeing that the current milking equipment in the parlor is functioning fine an these haven’t been needed.

I’ve placed the three sets up on ebay. I’ve already sold one set, but these two are left. You can click on these two links or please share them if you know a farmer who might be looking for a spare or to replace some milking equipment.

Dairy Milker Set #1

Dairy Milker Set #2

Now, to get back to cleaning. You never know when an inspection may occur. Or you never know when I might come across another treasure hidden in the barn. How about you, found something lately that you’d forgotten you had?





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Susan Lower

Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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