Ruby in the Morning

In the twilight of morning, it’s hard to get awake. The deep blue hue of night hasn’t faded and a morning star blinks between the rim of a cloud. Yet, the day has started here on the farm. It’s hard to get motivated when you want to go back to bed, but there are cows to milk, calves to feed, and then there is Ruby…

Ruby goat

Whenever you pull up the driveway to the barn, Ruby is there to greet you. She’s a baby Boer goat (or at least I think she is.)

I’ve come to look forward to seeing Ruby everyday, it’s one of those things that become worth getting up so early in the morning knowing there is someone waiting for you…. misses you….

Everyone should have a Ruby in the morning.

baby goat

Like most babies, Ruby likes attention. She follows us around waits for a pat on the head. She likes to show off, except when I go grab my camera. We weaned her off the bottle a couple weeks ago, she stands in the doorway of the milk parlor watching us and I think hoping we’ll show up with one of these:

goat milk in Pepsi bottleWho would have thought that Pepsi would be so creative to bottle their drinks in a container that can also get recycled as a baby goat bottle. When a bottle was inquired for at the feed store, the clerk set a bottle nipple on the counter and said, “You drink Pepsi, right? Well, you just screw this on the end of 16 ouncer.”

Some people drink coffee, here on the farm, we drink Pepsi. It’s no wonder she’s so frisky and energetic all the time.

Shh…. don’t tell Ruby that Pepsi really isn’t white.

Either way, she picks up my spirits in the morning and hangs out until the sun rises.

What picks you up in the morning and gets you going?




Published by

Susan Lower

Daughter of a dairy farmer, this crafty mom has a heart for all things handmade. When she's not writing or crafting, you can find her creating memories with her family.

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